Nippon Kitchenalia

We’ve been busy over the weekend listing some very neat Nippon kitchenalia items.  We have a gorgeous heavy gold & cobalt jam jar with underplate, an unmarked Nippon heavy gold toothpick holder, and a beautiful purple & pink floral 3pc gravy bowl set.

We also have a very beautiful and hard to find Nippon moustache cup!  These were made in a time long ago when manners were of the utmost importance.  Isn’t it interesting to see how society has changed so much over the years?  Most people now would have no idea what this “funny looking” little cup was made for.

Speaking of such items, check out this pretty little Nippon hair receiver.  Ladies used these to keep pieces of their hair ‘back in the day’ to make hairpieces and even jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets!  Our female ancestors were resourceful people and never wasted anything.

We still have so many more interesting items to list – a toast rack and some gorgeous cracker jars are what we see in the top of the next box!  Check out our store for the other antique Nippon items we’ve listed in the past few days.


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