Wishes for our kitty

Please pardon us a moment while we talk about a personal subject.

Our oldest kitty, Pyewacket (the Maine Coon) is sick.  We noticed him acting funny this morning and took him to the vet.  He had a blockage in his bladder & it had started to crystalize.  It seems we caught it in time, the vet called a little bit ago and said she was able to remove the blockage and he was waking up & doing fine.  He will have to stay for a couple of days at the vet to make sure he will be ok, but please keep him in your thoughts until he comes home.  He was our “first” furbaby and we love him dearly.  The house does not seem the same without him here.

Pyewacket paws Tooter's head

Pyewacket & Tooter


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