Kitty Update

Pyewacket is doing fine and will probably get to come home tomorrow.  The vet said he had already removed the collar they tried to put on him and his catheter, so we know he’s feeling better.  He’s very opinionated!  We’ll be so glad to bring him home.


One thought on “Kitty Update

  1. Alexis says:

    Very glad to hear your furball is doing so much better! It is so hard to have a furry family member go through something like that, let alone not have them around while they recover at the vets.

    This past Dec. one of our two furry family members had to have a rear leg amputated due to a bone tumor. Then I had to go out to Ca. for a couple of weeks so my husband ended up staying home with Ladda. She has adjusted well, and so far so good. We just cherish every extra day we have with her.

    Will carry good thoughts for Pyewackets continued recovery and future good health.

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