The History of our Nippon Currently for Sale

As we’ve been selling this large Nippon collection, many buyers have asked us about the history behind it. We say, ask, and ye shall receive!

Our client started sending Nippon back to his mother, who was a collector, when he was in the US Navy and stationed in Japan. When he returned home, he started collecting for himself as well. When his mother passed away, he inherited her entire collection. This, in combination with the Nippon he continued to amass, turned into a 50+ year collection. When we first visited their home, there were 5 rooms completely full of Nippon. We have made a total of four trips, and there is still more than plenty for us to get! We have sold quite a few different collections over the years, and this is the largest one we have encountered so far.

Our client is also not picky about what they have collected. They collect because they like the piece, no matter if it has a hairline or other imperfection. Their thoughts on hairlines, small chips, ect, is that these pieces are 100+ years old, and anything that old is probably not going to be perfect. He understands that is not everyone’s opinion, but that is what he has told us he feels about the matter. 🙂  They are also very involved with us on the selling process.  If you send us a Best Offer, please allow us time to contact our client and consult with them.  Please do not get offended if we decline your offer, we are only complying with our client’s wishes.

We hope this gives you a little insight into the Nippon we are offering. If you have any questions (for us or our client), feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer them or ask him for you.


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