Antique Nippon Condensed Milk Containers

This week we’ve listed a few antique Nippon condensed milk containers for sale on eBay.  These neat little containers no longer have a use in our modern life, but when our grandmothers were young, they were used to “hide” the can of condensed milk for every day use.  We females like pretty things, and what could be better than a beautiful container to cover up that unsightly can?  The hole in the bottom allows you to remove the can easily by pushing it up.  How thoughtful was that?

Our favorite is this unmarked Nippon gorgeous teal & pink floral condensed milk container with moriage.  It’s so dainty and the colors are just gorgeous.  We also have another unmarked piece – a beautiful cobalt blue & pink roses with gold container.    Finally, we have a white container that features a really neat three leaf clover design in light green & heavy gold.  Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, so pick up one of these lovely pieces for the Nippon collector in your life.  We ship super quick & will even gift wrap for FREE if you mention you saw it on our blog!


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