Decorative Antique Nippon Plates

We just listed some beautiful antique Nippon plates on eBay.  Our TA client has a lot of these plates, along with a bunch of celery tray/dishes and serving platters.  One of our favorites is this gold dragon & enamel plate, and we also love this black plate with florals and a bird of paradise.  The black plate has a sticker on it from “Meier Furniture Company, Rochester, NY”.  This plate was probably a “premium” gift that the furniture company gave to their customers for shopping with them.

We also love this plate that features pagodas by the water with a huge mountain scene in the background.  Funny thing about this plate is that it has three holes drilled in it on the back for hanging instead of the usual two that we’ve seen on other pieces.  If you have more info on this we’d love to hear more about it.  It would seem to us that having three holes would make it awkward to hang?

We also have a gorgeous cobalt roses serving platter, a pretty creek landscape scene plate, and this unusual shape blue dish/bowl with ducks.  There’s still so much more to come, so keep checking back with us often.


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