“Recently Relisted”: Nippon Dragonware, Heavy Moriage Vases, Condensed Milk Containers & More

Welcome to this week’s installment of our new feature, “Recently Relisted”.  Did you see something we had for offer and missed out on it?  Now is your chance to pick it up, and at a lower price, too!

We’ve relisted our beautiful antique Nippon Dragonware Heavy Moriage vase, along with a teapot and matching sugar & creamer set.  We’ve also noticed how much you guys love the  Nippon Condensed Milk Containers, so we’ve relisted a gorgeous pink floral & heavy gold container, it’s so beautiful & bright!

Along with those items, we’ve also relisted a heavy moriage Howo bird vase, and a lovely unmarked roses & heavy moriage vase.

If you like your Nippon dripping in heavy gold, we have these fabulous pair of matching scenic landscape vases that sparkle & shine with hardly any gold wear.  We also have this pretty Imperial Nippon vase draped in gold with a lush landscape featuring three white swans.

We’ve also listed a lot of other items & dropped their prices too, so be sure to check out our store for everything we have to offer!


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