Invasion of the (Nippon) Butterflies!

We’ve been invaded by boxes of antique Nippon featuring butterflies!  🙂  These are some of our favorite pieces, and we’re excited to offer them to you.

This Noritake Nippon large chop/serving platter is covered with beautiful flowers and vibrant butterflies.  It is heavy and huge, measuring approximately 16 1/4″L x 12 1/2″H.

One of the vibrant butterflies around the border of the platter.  It has the green M in wreath Noritake Nippon mark.

This stunning heavy gold butterfly chocolate pot is something to see!  Although it is marked “Made in Japan”, it has a square with Japanese writing to the side.  A helpful eBayer from Japan helped us identify what this means.  It says “Dai Nippon, (Great Japan) Kato Zo (painted by Kato Zo or a Kato Zo factory)”, and according to our research, this item was made in the Kutani region of Japan at the end of the Meiji to the beginning of the Taisho period (1921-1944).  You can find more info about these elusive Japanese porcelain marks here.

Black & Gold Butterfly PlateThis plate is very unusual with it’s black & gold patterned border and mutli color butterflies trimmed in gold.  It measures approx. 7 1/4″ in diameter and has the blue HP Symbol (Van Patten’s #32) backstamp.

You can find all of our butterfly themed antique Nippon items in our eBay store.


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