Vintage Cameras & Antique Nippon starting at .99!

We have our vintage cameras & camera accessories and our antique Nippon porcelain items up on eBay for an incredibly low starting bid of .99!

If you still prefer the old fashioned film cameras to their digital counterparts, we have a few cameras, lenses, and filters you might be interested in.

Have you ever wanted to feel like James Bond?  Check out this awesome spy camera!  It comes with two lenses and five filters, along with some extras.  You can find it here on eBay.

We also have some lovely antique Nippon porcelain starting at .99.  Our favorite is this “blown out” (molded in relief/3D) double horse head  ashtray.  It does have a small chip/crack on the side, but it’s still lovely!  You can find it here on eBay.

Be sure to drop by our eBay store for more vintage cameras, lenses, and filters along with our antique Nippon porcelain!


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