The International Nippon Collector’s Club

If you have bought Nippon from us, you have probably received a small brochure about the International Nippon Collector’s Club in your shipment.  We sincerely hope nobody thinks we are trying to push anything on them, or that we get something in return out of sending them along in your order.  We don’t, we just think the people in the club are great!  🙂

We decided to join in order to make new friends and to learn more about the joys of collecting Nippon.  We were surprised to get a personal phone call the next day from the president/membership director welcoming us aboard!  There are not many organizations nowadays that will give you that type of friendly service when you join.  We regretfully cannot make it to the INCC Convention this year (taking place July 29 – 31, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA) but our business cards will be there!  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. B for allowing us to send them along.  We have a suggestion…next year’s convention should be somewhere along the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches!  Closer to us and I’m sure they can use the business.  🙂

If  you haven’t already, be sure to check out their website.  They have many gorgeous pictures of Nippon in their gallery for you to drool over, a handy back stamp guide, and an entire section dedicated to Reproductions (with pictures!).  I’m told there will soon be a message board for discussion so I’m sure you’ll see us there when it opens.  If you’re a Nippon fanatic, the INCC is definitely worth the membership.


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