Free Shipping

We get a lot of people that ask us about free shipping on eBay and why we don’t offer it more.  As much as we would love to give free shipping on every item, it’s just not possible.  We sell on consignment and charge about 1/2 of what the big ‘drop-it-off-auction’ brick & mortar stores charge for our services (aka, not a lot).  Because we make a small percentage of the final selling price, free shipping tends to eat up our profits.

We know you look for the best deal (like we do) and we strive to give you what you’re looking for when possible. Although we can’t give out a lot of ‘freebies’, you can always count on superior customer service from a small home based business that has worked extremely hard to be a trusted Top Rated, 5 Star Power Seller with 100% Postive Feedback for the past 6+ years.  Additionally, we use the best of packaging supplies (not crappy, messy newspaper or plastic bags) for shipping your items, so you can be assured your item will arrive in  the best condition possible.  We keep our shipping prices low and usually do not charge any additional handling fees unless we have to purchase specific packaging.  Thank you for your business over the years!


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