Holiday Schedule 2011

We are spending time with our family for the holidays, so we are going to be out of our office until Dec. 29, 2011.  We are available to answer questions, but will not be available to ship anything until Dec. 30, 2011.  We thank you for your patience during our short time away and wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a prosperous new year!


Free Shipping

We get a lot of people that ask us about free shipping on eBay and why we don’t offer it more.  As much as we would love to give free shipping on every item, it’s just not possible.  We sell on consignment and charge about 1/2 of what the big ‘drop-it-off-auction’ brick & mortar stores charge for our services (aka, not a lot).  Because we make a small percentage of the final selling price, free shipping tends to eat up our profits.

We know you look for the best deal (like we do) and we strive to give you what you’re looking for when possible. Although we can’t give out a lot of ‘freebies’, you can always count on superior customer service from a small home based business that has worked extremely hard to be a trusted Top Rated, 5 Star Power Seller with 100% Postive Feedback for the past 6+ years.  Additionally, we use the best of packaging supplies (not crappy, messy newspaper or plastic bags) for shipping your items, so you can be assured your item will arrive in  the best condition possible.  We keep our shipping prices low and usually do not charge any additional handling fees unless we have to purchase specific packaging.  Thank you for your business over the years!

Vintage Clothing Galore!

Hello everyone!  Sorry we haven’t posted a blog entry lately, we have a new client with very cool items, which makes for a busy job all around.  We are happy to share with you some great vintage items which includes faux fur & leather coats & capes from the 1970’s, vintage handbags from the 1940’s – 1950’s, disco and leisure suits from the 1970’s along with western pearl snap shirts from the same decade, and so much more!  We still have plenty of more vintage clothing to list, so be sure to keep checking back to our eBay store often for great deals!

“New” Nippon Coming This Week – Hunting Supplies, Too!

We visited our Nippon client last week and picked up some of the last pieces they have.  This will be it until we can source more Nippon for our loyal customers.  We just finished inventory over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled this week for new items!

Our client also instructed us to take all of their hunting supplies & equipment since they are no longer in well enough health to hunt any more.  You’ll start seeing these things soon as well, so keep checking back with us, we have all kinds of equipment for all hunters!

We hope everyone has a great start to their week and don’t forget to check our eBay store daily for new items!

Attn: All eBayers – Please read

We are happy to announce that eBay has offered sellers another option for insurance on packages through their new “ShipCover” postal insurance.  This insurance is about half the cost of USPS provided insurance on USA shipments (even cheaper for international buyers**), so we will be sending all new shipments that require insurance with this new service.  Since they are cheaper than the USPS, you can expect a refund on the shipping cost that you are charged on all listings posted on or before 9/21/10. We love being able to put money back in your pocket!  🙂

ShipCover says they process claims in about 7 days, which is much faster than the USPS.  Luckily, we have never had a broken item (knock on wood!), but we like knowing we can offer a more cost effective & time saving service should that ever occur.

ShipCover applies to both USA & international shipments**, so international buyers can expect an even better rate than is currently posted on our items.  If there are any questions about the new insurance coverage, please feel free to comment below.

**Please note that ShipCover is not available in the following countries:  Belarus, Cote D’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Iran, Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Burma/Myanmar, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, and Zimbabwe.  Myriad Trading Co does not ship to Germany or Italy – we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New eBay TA items coming soon!

We are happy to announce that we have a “new” former client that has contacted us to sell for them again.  Ladies, get ready, because you are going to LOVE what they have to offer!  We will be listing Coach bags, high end fragrances (Chanel, Dior, Comptour Sud Pacifique, too many to list!), cosmetics (Lush, Clinique, Victoria’s Secret, Estee Lauder & more), designer shoes & clothing (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama, Aerosoles), home goods (Yankee Candle, Claire Burke, Aromatique), Lia Sophia jewelry, and so much more!  You will not want to miss out on these items, many are brand new with tags and will be perfect for holiday gift giving. Keep checking back with us, we will keep you updated on when these items are listed.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our eBay store for your antique Nippon holiday shopping, we are relisting unsold items at lower prices & “new” items every day!

Under the Weather

We apologize for not listing anything new in the past few days.  Both of us have been sick with a horrible summer cold, and haven’t been very productive.  However; we do have some relists so if you missed something before, check back in our store, as it may be relisted (and at a lower price).

We hope everyone has a great week and we will get back to listing new antique Nippon ASAP!  (We really hate being sick!)