How To Tell Fake or Reproduction Nippon from Real Nippon

If you have visited our Nippon back stamps post, you may have noticed all of the questions we get about authenticating Nippon. We’ve gathered some information for you that we hope will help you tell the difference between fake/reproduction Nippon and the real thing. Because there is a large amount of info, we’re breaking it down into a few important points. Click below to expand the page, as it is picture heavy & lengthy.

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How to Clean Antique Nippon Porcelain

We get a lot of questions on how to clean Nippon without harming it, so we’re sharing with you how we clean Nippon before listing it on eBay.  We hope this guide will help.

First off, nobody wants to break a beloved piece of Nippon while cleaning it.  🙂  We suggest lining your kitchen sink with thick towels, or purchasing a small Rubbermaid (plastic) type tub that will fit inside your sink (we prefer this method).  If you have a double sink, line the sink you will be rinsing the Nippon in with a thick towel.  You can never be too careful!  We also lay a thick towel out on each side of the sink area for drying, ect.

Fill the plastic tub/or sink where you will be washing with warm (not hot) water and add basic dish washing liquid.  Place your Nippon in the warm water, and wash it gently with a soft cloth – we love to use baby cloths or anything with a minimum pile so it doesn’t get caught on moriage, beading, ect.  If it’s super dirty, let it soak for a few minutes before you begin to clean.  Only clean one piece in the tub at a time!  Several pieces could bump against each other and cause damage.

If the piece has any cracks, chips, or other damage, be extra careful around these areas.  Remove from the soapy water and rinse with warm water – be careful using cold water since it could cause any existing cracks to worsen due to the temperature change.  Sit on a thick towel on the counter (or other surface) away from pets, children, ect to air dry.

If you are cleaning a heavy moriage piece that has excessive dirt, use a children’s super soft toothbrush very lightly for deep grime, or a Q-Tip for lesser dirt with the same warm, soapy mixture to remove.  Van Patten states that she uses Formula 409 on heavily soiled pieces, but I just can’t bring myself to do that – it contains so many harsh chemicals that could possibly cause damage to the paint or gold gilt over time.   Use extra light pressure when washing gold trimmed areas, as they are the first to wear.

We hope this helps you keep your Nippon clean & beautiful.  Have any helpful tips?  Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

“New” Antique Nippon Heavy Moriage Vases (and more) now on eBay!

Our client with the extensive Nippon collection has decided to let some of their choice pieces go to a new home.  We are excited to bring you these gorgeous unmarked heavy moriage pieces that are a must have for any serious collector.

This FANTASTIC 12″H heavy moriage birds & wheat vase is in super condition – find it here in our eBay store.

This stunning piece is one of our favorites!  The cobalt blue, green & pink swirl background is covered in white heavy moriage flowers with white enamel flowers as well.  The three handles twist up into a beautiful shape.  Buy it now on eBay!

Be sure to check out our other “new” Nippon listings – we’ll be adding gorgeous items with deer, swans and more in the next week!

“New” Nippon now listed!

Hi everyone!  Sorry we haven’t been blogging lately, we’ve had a lot of changes going on around in our household.  But, we’re back now, and with “new” Nippon!  Our trading assistant client with the enormous Nippon collection has decided to let go of more of their ‘pretties’, and we’ve started listing them on eBay.  To see our newest listed items, click here.

We will be listing new Nippon items all week, so keep checking back to see what we have to offer!

“New” Nippon Coming This Week – Hunting Supplies, Too!

We visited our Nippon client last week and picked up some of the last pieces they have.  This will be it until we can source more Nippon for our loyal customers.  We just finished inventory over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled this week for new items!

Our client also instructed us to take all of their hunting supplies & equipment since they are no longer in well enough health to hunt any more.  You’ll start seeing these things soon as well, so keep checking back with us, we have all kinds of equipment for all hunters!

We hope everyone has a great start to their week and don’t forget to check our eBay store daily for new items!

Antique Nippon Porcelain Mustard Jars

So, what exactly is a mustard jar?  Back in the ‘old days’, our female ancestors had clever ways of hiding unsightly jars and cans in their kitchen.  One of the smallest kitchenalia items we’ve seen from the past are the adorable mustard jars.  Mustard was used quite often for all types of cooking, so these little jars came in quite handy.  Little spoons were included and were usually made of porcelain. Sometimes they had under plates, and some of them were even attached to the jar, like this little beauty:

Even though it has no spoon, this beautiful piece covered in pansies & gold is in super condition!  Buy it here!

We also adore this footed mustard jar featuring violet flowers & gold.  Buy it now here!

We have many other antique Nippon mustard jars in our eBay store, you can find them all by clicking here.

We’re back with *NEW* BIN Items, Auctions and Relists, too!

We’re finally getting over our horrible head colds and are back to listing “new” Nippon items. You’ve gotta check out what we have for auction on eBay!  These items end Sunday, September 5th…grab them before they’re gone!  We’ll give you a little peek – check out this AMAZING 23pc Tea & Dessert Set in art deco black & gold:

We also have some stunning “new” Buy It Now items!  We have a building/ruin scene vase with enamel moriage, a gorgeous yellow & orange floral powder jar, and a beautiful little rose cartouche mustard jar with enamel moriage.  Check out this link to see what we’ve listed recently.  Check out this little Nippon toothpick holder, it can be yours right now!

We also have some recently relisted items, if you’ve missed out on something we’ve listed before, now is your chance to get it!  We may have even lowered the price on it, like our gorgeous 10″ Nippon Dragonware Vase!  We also have other Nippon dragonware pieces, including a large plate & sugar w/creamer, you can find them all here.  We’ve relisted a lot of items so be sure to check them all out in our eBay store!