More Antique Nippon Vases

On our last trip to visit our TA client, we made sure to pick up a good amount of the larger vases that everyone has been asking for. We’ve been listing them all week, and we have some gorgeous ones waiting for a new home!

We particularly like these darker colored matte finish vases – one has an orange poppy and the other has large white roses.  Matte finish vases are not that common from what we understand, as most people liked their items shiny and glossy back in the Nippon era.

This gorgeous magnolia vase with raised gold accents is one of our favorites.  We seriously considered buying it ourselves…as we all know, it’s a good thing when a husband & wife can agree on home decor.  🙂  We also both adore this square “sponge painted” blue & floral vase. If you like your Nippon dripping in heavy gold, we have a stunning unmarked Nippon pink rose pretzel ring vase that you could die for!

You must see this HUGE vase featuring blue leaves (very unusual!) and pastel florals.  We also listed this floral humidor and this beautiful blue & heavy gold Cherry tree ewer.  If you love magnolias as much as we do (we have a magnolia tree beside our driveway, and what is more southern than their sweet, succulent smell?), check out this earthen tone magnolia chocolate/teapot.

Are you a collector of the much mysterious IE&C Co. stamped antique Japanese porcelain items? We have just the item for you – an absolutely stunning heavy gold & pink rose pitcher. If you’d like to know more about this elusive mark, Mr. John Henley of the Noritake Collectors Guild has a wonderful .pdf file you can download on this page.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!  We hope you have a wonderful (and relaxing) weekend!


We have you covered for Mother’s Day – Free Gift Wrapping & More!

Yes, it’s right around the corner, Mother’s Day is May 9th.  Are you looking for a great gift that you won’t have to (1) wrap yourself and (2) leave the house to get?  Stop by our eBay store and pick up just what you’re looking for.  Mention you saw it here on this blog and we’ll gift wrap your purchase for you for free!  Just send us a message via the eBay Messaging System after you purchase your item & let us know you want free gift wrapping.  In a hurry and doing last minute shopping?  We can help there too by offering Express (1 Day) service, just message us in advance to make sure your item will arrive in time.  Does Mom live far away? We’ll ship directly to her if you meet our requirements (you must have a PayPal confirmed address and at least 50 feedbacks on eBay).

We have a little bit of everything for Mom – heavy moriage antique Nippon vases, teapots, demitasse cups – there’s just too much antique Nippon to list here!  We also have some pretty Asian themed home decor, a 15″ HD TV, a Dell Monitor combo, a Canon EOS Rebel X 35mm SLR (Film only) camera, the list goes on and on!   See what we have to offer in our eBay store, where some items start at .99!

P.S. – We changed the layout of our blog, we hope you like the bright spring look!  🙂